after the taking

I couldn't concentrate on work, even with a looming deadline. There was an edge in the air for some reason. The studio window kept yearning for me to look out of it. The surprise snowstorm struck hard and captured my attention. All the spring color was now turning white with blankets. I grabbed my camera and took a walk in the mountains, just as a small timeout.

Here is what I found (see, right there). Call it peace and beauty. Even the drop of snowflakes was loud in my quiet space.

When I returned to my studio, the news popped up: Boston Marathon had been bombed.

The give and take of life...the quiet and then the real quiet. It was so surreal to know that intense peace I felt while taking this image happened at the same time as people were being maimed and killed. There are many angles to quiet and reflection. Here is the passing of energies and vibrations from peace to chaos, to sadness and grief, to rest and hope.