the art of (park)ing it

When I say "parking" here, today, I do not mean making out/sucking face in a car (or that's what we used to refer to it back in the day). I presumme the kids of Betches Love This era don't use the term anymore. However, what I mean, is actually sitting in a park, parking my arse in one place, and opening up a satchel with notebook, watercolors, and snacks for an afternoon.

I have had many attempts at this. In city parks, it almost always invited strangers to circle me as vultures and land across from me, or in one brazen case, a wayward kid sat down right on my blanket, asked if he could have a piece of paper too, and wanted to draw (rather than play football with his Pops). 

In this particular instance, I had nothing in mind (see little diagram right here). But after talking with a woman from South Africa for 45 minutes and doodling, I ended up with this little sketch in the book. If you doodle in public, beware: it's almost like people want to confess their souls to you and then ponder why they ever gave up art as a kid. Perhaps its a good intersection of quicksand friendships.