Sunday Living of "The Art Spirit" (take 1)

Muddy pockets on back dirt road. My daughter and I having a blast.

Sunday Living of "The Art Spirit" (take 1)

Half of a whole day: Peddling over dirt roads pocked with water and mud. "Don't be afraid of the mud," I tell my kids, as I plow through the center of the puddles and flip up dirt on my mountain bike. We find moguls to pump our legs over and descend in succession. "I can wash whatever you've got on." They are resistant until they see me. Then they go for it. Enjoy the now. Wash them off later. A good day in the woods before snow hits this week.

Before the model takes his place, the wall is an identity in itself and is forward.
— Robert Henri, "The Art Spirit"

Self-portrait in loft of log cabin. The wall just was a wall until I gave it another identity. Robert Henri's art monologue came to mind.

Half of a whole day: The destination at the coffee shop for an afternoon of coffee, hot chocolate, egg nog latte, and sweet danish spilt among the children. We read our books in silence, in a group around our table. (I continue to read Robert Henri's "The Art Spirit," hence this is what filters my eyes at the moment while thinking about creativity and my awareness.) There is a great way to finish a long bike ride when the winds are gusty and it drizzles with the sun shining (random Central Oregon weather patterns), only after the huz requested we order nachos and watch football down the street at the Mexican restaurant.  

When we came home, after raking up pine needles and thinking about art going up the stairs the autumn setting sun hit the log cabin's loft. And I thought of Henri's monologue on backgrounds in portraits (hence, his quote above). 

Here's to a good week of creative energy and new output....