Inking Things Past + Finding Liquid Sounds

A gift from the Renaissance man, my father-in-law....he knows my artistic side. He gives me little gems. Like the vintage anthology of Love Letters I keep and read in my studio as well. 

Snow dump. Studio play. A few shots of a little graphic narrative I've been producing on and off since Spring 2014. I sketched most of it last March-April. Left it. Hid it. And now inking it upon my return into winter. 

Here are two things worth listening to, if you need some audio noise in your work-life. Cooking. Running. Working. Writing. Sketching.Cleaning. However. Wherever.

Spend your time doing things that make you forget time exists...this is a sign of your life's true passion.


TED Talks on Creativity

Consider musical artists VOYAGEUR, LAU3, Jaccoo.....found in the rounds of AirWaveTV, like this contemplative song, Jacoo "A Word of Peace"


Inking page with lap puppy. So tiny. So cute. My wrist.