Collage of Inspiration, Friday Edition (wk 7)


Hello summer. It's me, Tricia. I'm ready for high altitude sun rays and sky drones known as mosquitoes near alpine lakes. I tend to live outside most of summer, sleeping en plein air style. All the fresh mountain air clears the head and greases the joints.

I am backlogged with comics/illustrations and reading the sun based on my recreation life (balance is key, people!). WHICH ALL brings me to the quote of the week and a few happy articles in case you missed them in a world of depressing news/events. I'm here to pick you up! And make the most of finding creative balance in your working life! Read on....

Running is a form of practiced stoicism. It means teaching your brain and body to be biomechanically comfortable in the state of disrepair.
— The Oatmeal (aka Matthew Inman), "The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances"

TIP!! Running long distances has a way of equalizing the hater inside you. Start small. Say, run a quarter mile nonstop on day 1, if you can. Build from there. Small goals first!

1. Mountain climbing vs business pros. The Sketch Guy for the New York Times examines two of my favorite things: mountain climbing and business. Ok, truth be told. I suck at one (lactic acid build up!) and poor at another (don't make me create a pivot table or extract data from your ERP--meh!). HOWEVER, people who are good or great at both inspire me. They both require a different kind of performance needed to be super duper awesome. So, here is the article on "What Mountain Climbing Can Teach You About Business." 

2. Art gear heads meet startup cool kids. I wish I had a startup idea worth millions. It would mean no monthly coffee shop budget (freelance life!) and art supplies budget.  Nowadays the  tech giants use the Old School style methods likened to my bohemian artist self of the Moleskine. Who knew. (I have 20 years worth of my Moleskines stored in big storage containers.) If only I attended tech conferences now. I'd be so hip among the Google-ites. Here is the article from The New Yorker on "Why Startups Love Moleskins" this week. Why does this matter: the act of writing is good for your brain!

3. Can Reading Make You Happier? Hey cranky pants, listen up. Let The New Yorker show you the way....

And an Audiophile for this week: Flight Facilities. Turn it up. 

Have a great weekend....see you next week. Find inspiration. And pass it on....