Collage of Inspiration, wk 9 (What if you're framing the question all wrong...)

Commencement speeches and self-help books love the adage: follow your passion, do what you love. There's much of that awe-inspiring questioning going on in culture now. BUT WHAT IF (what if!) you're framing the question all wrong!?!

Such is the case in point I've taken from New York Times writer David Brooks's new book, "The Role of Character." What if what if what if we instead ask: what is the universe asking from you at this exact moment in your life? Rather than stripping away a job to "find your passion." What if the job you have now is actually the step you need to get to the "next level" in your life?

It becomes an interesting philosophical debate of free will, perhaps. It becomes less about our "passion" and instead about the unfolding circumstances that lead to an inner core of change. How do you carve out a life with what you've earned or walked into or selected? How does a terrible experience become the necessary step to become the hero in your own life (and I mean that in the most humble of ways)?  Can you inspire yourself, even?

Flip wire near home while walking . Los Angeles, Calif. 2010.

Flip wire near home while walking. Los Angeles, Calif. 2010.

Think how it relates to you and how you're suffering in real life....the perspective changes your attitude. You can see life as a narrative, a chain of events. Something to ponder.

Young and Grown .  Los Angeles, Calif. 2010. 

Young and Grown.  Los Angeles, Calif. 2010. 

And a random piece of poetry (because I know you don't read it enough, or at all)...

I walked a piece of the way alone before I was born.
— "Written by Himself" in Digest by Gregory Pardlo (Winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize)

HERE are MORE inspiring nuggets for your mind and life expansion!

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Another piece from my doc series, "  Randoms Dispatch  ." Hat Man at Happy Hour. Costa Rica. 2015

Another piece from my doc series, "Randoms Dispatch." Hat Man at Happy Hour. Costa Rica. 2015

That's a wrap. Find inspiration and pass it on. Until next time.... -XO