Morning Light: A Study

I shot this gallery of images on a DSLR, which I thought was broken, but apparently, it is not! Yes!

"Morning Voice" is invaluable to a noisy day of deadlines and schedules. On certain days, not all, my eyes open, and the muse is alive (!) and talking fast across my brain to write it down. It's the best alarm clock a writer could ever ask for.

Before I even grind the beans in the low light, a dreamscape has infused a scene, a line, or title to start another day of writing.


If there is music for a morning, I am not a blast-it-loud-kind-of-gal (until approximately 7:30AM, then loud music is fair game). Until then, I think morning study is more like this: LUCHS "Chasing Cloud Nine." While I love this song, I found a beautiful little movie to the song. I adore indie, creative people doing what they love because they don't know any other way to exist. Credit goes to Nicholas Tessier, a Canadian camera operator.


HD Vimeo: Description: This short film started out short and sweet and stayed to its name. This film looks at the casual cold weather in Canada, and how the month of January is a frozen wonderland. Equipment: Shot on the Panasonic GH4 at 4K, with cin-V.