From the Daily Habits File

Hello again. I've been spending much time (and money) in the coffee shop tour again this week. It's the perfect excuse to celebrate the local economy, taste adventurous teas, sip the perfect roasted beans, and pony up a nice tip to the baristas, too. Here's an outtake drawing from a tutoring session I had. (Was I the giver or taker of the tutoring? Um...fair question, but I tend to feel both from tutoring, in general. There's always something to learn about learning. Duh.)

Here are a few stories I had tagged and found interesting along my daily reading path....

>>I want to pass along this GREAT article with stunning, creative portrait photography in terms of modern-day literature. Consume one or all of the books. I will do my best and try!

>>And also, the roller coaster of Teen Vogue ("Who Will Mourn Teen Vogue?") has become an interesting content representation of present-day teen, I mean "young people," development. The print edition is gone, but the online content continues to thrive with its change in focus with the new let's-take-action editor, Phillip Picardi

>> Who in your personal tribe can fix all your emotional pangs? Nobody, I suspect. This Wall Street Journal article, "Mental Health Takes a Village," discusses why you may need to find your "supportive allies." The other article linked to this WSJ article, "How Doctors Deal with Racist Patients," is jaw-dropping and filled with physicians' grace and class. Unfortunately,  I can't find the article in its entirety online. 

Happy Reading. Spread kindness.


Louvar_coffee shop rendition