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Illustration Friday: vanity

In Los Angeles, I used to come home to a front stoop with a few random trash bags of my girlfriend's things. Baby toys, baby clothes, books, forks. Her note read: Whatever you don't want, please drop off at Goodwill. See what happens when I'm not home to give the thumbs up or down on hand-me-downs. But in her pile of stuff, she had left books. In the mix was Irving Penn, a retrospective coffee table book she had picked up at Moderna Museet Stockholm. I called her. 

"How can you get rid of Penn? Are you suicidal? You're exhibiting suicidal tenancies by giving away your prized positions."

She said she was not. I believed her. She was on a cleanse rampage, and lived in a small house with three boys. 

She and I studied darkroom photography in college; both of us admired the documentary greats. We bonded over this, yoga, cocktails, and raising toddlers.

I still keep PENN on my sofa end table, because it's a great one to admire and study no matter the time of light. So, today, I unearth my illustration inspired by Penn's portrait of Max Ernest and Dorothea Tanning. Here's to another Illustration Age's Illustration Friday. This one is categorized under Mixed Media (medium) and Comic Book (style). Here it is live.

Dorothea Tanning Drinks Paint and Poetry to Be Eternal . Mixed media.

Dorothea Tanning Drinks Paint and Poetry to Be Eternal. Mixed media.