Illustration Friday

Collage of Inspiration, Friday edition

Looking back over the week, here are some things that inspired me. And perhaps you too get inspired by angles, light, color....small quiet moments? Among the photographs I captured, here are some other media greats I want share....

Sally Mann's Exposure (New York Times), enjoy this article and excerpt from her forthcoming Hold Still: A Memoir With Photographs. It's so exciting to hear Mann talk about her extraordinary work from 20 years ago. I poured over her images and books throughout the years. To "hear" her voice in prose, rather than photography is another new intimacy.

Tritonal's "Satellite." Just a good spring song, with the car windows down and snow covered mountains shine bright against the panoramic clear sky. I'm a sucker for Austin (Texas) ambient and progressive trance groups....

Stay Still, Stay Silent. Leave it to the cool artistry of a Finnish-Swedish woman to transform webcomics to a new level. Amazing work she has online. This inspiration comes from a teenager I mentor, as we discussed her narrative arch/character development on her own webcomic. She's really pushing the boundaries. Exciting to see her develop....

Click on each photo for a little narrative....

Have a great weekend....get outside.

Illustration Friday: vanity

In Los Angeles, I used to come home to a front stoop with a few random trash bags of my girlfriend's things. Baby toys, baby clothes, books, forks. Her note read: Whatever you don't want, please drop off at Goodwill. See what happens when I'm not home to give the thumbs up or down on hand-me-downs. But in her pile of stuff, she had left books. In the mix was Irving Penn, a retrospective coffee table book she had picked up at Moderna Museet Stockholm. I called her. 

"How can you get rid of Penn? Are you suicidal? You're exhibiting suicidal tenancies by giving away your prized positions."

She said she was not. I believed her. She was on a cleanse rampage, and lived in a small house with three boys. 

She and I studied darkroom photography in college; both of us admired the documentary greats. We bonded over this, yoga, cocktails, and raising toddlers.

I still keep PENN on my sofa end table, because it's a great one to admire and study no matter the time of light. So, today, I unearth my illustration inspired by Penn's portrait of Max Ernest and Dorothea Tanning. Here's to another Illustration Age's Illustration Friday. This one is categorized under Mixed Media (medium) and Comic Book (style). Here it is live.

Dorothea Tanning Drinks Paint and Poetry to Be Eternal . Mixed media.

Dorothea Tanning Drinks Paint and Poetry to Be Eternal. Mixed media.

Illustration Friday: natural

Call it backlogged with life, art, exercise, and family. Blogging, or sharing, has taken a backseat. While reading my daily dose of NYT, I came across this great op-ed essay. This portion pulled at me:

I also realize that spirituality and making art are not such different practices. Both call upon the animating force of the unseen. As a writer, I can’t really explain it, either, what I do or how; when I work, I may look like someone staring uselessly into space.
— "Is God Just Not That Into Me?", Stacey D’Erasmo, Modern Love section of New York Times

My tall German girlfriend, also a private yoga teacher to the Malibu elite and fabulous, and I used to spend our afternoons talking about Buddhism, Hinduism, mothering, spirituality, and mindfulness, while we ate raw avocados sitting across from each other on park benches and felt the Southern California sun on our faces and exposed arms. When I perform yoga each day I think of her and that warmth. We haven't seen each other in over a year but still write when we get a chance. We're not the social media type--her an ocean gal; me a woodsy gal; we're offline most often.

As I've been spending nearly all my time in the studio working on a larger piece of work, I think this little illustration is appropriate for Illustration Friday. She mediates starting at 3:30 in the morning. I begin drawing at 5 in the morning. Art is my meditation as I drift into a space way beyond myself. Do you have a space like that?


Buddhist Mantra of Sternum Bloat . Mixed media on paper. 2014.

Buddhist Mantra of Sternum Bloat. Mixed media on paper. 2014.