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the shoe gaze sounds

Whatever happened to the '90s Austin band, 7 Percent Solution? Whenever I hear its song, "All About Satellites and Spaceships, I long for days past, for some reason. It makes me nostalgic for the younger version of my children and their first discoveries in the natural world. 

Send me a note about what music makes you stare at your shoes, and I mean that in a good way....


I came across this out take from a project of years past. This self-portrait made me smile as this  was pre-pre Instagram days, before the word "selfie" existed in the cultural lexicon. Change. Progress. Can't stop it.

shine a light on it.

Illustration Friday sends me little blog posts about once a week. This sweet one came early in the morning when I read the newspaper in bed in the dark from a backlit screen and our puppy curled in the center of my back. Must not forget to mention my husband's cold big foot dropped across my ankle. Good cuddly times. However, this blog post discussed selecting a creative career

I have been doodling and drawing for decades. It wasn't until recently that I embarked on doing it professionally. When I went back into my youthful days and analyzed what I loved most about a creative life one thing came up: art supplies. Today I focus on pen/ink, watercolor washes, and charcoal (because I love to etch and smear with my fingers). These are the avenues with which I work, as photography--a first love--hit a stagnant stride. Photography is the study of light, not a device to record all the places you've been. I remember reading an interview with Taryn Simon in conjunction with her exhibit at the Tate Modern (London). She said she never photographs or carries a camera...only when she's working on an exhibit piece. Life as lived, rather than captured. Capturing life with a pen takes on a whole new speed of slow. Meditative. Three hours zip by without even's to getting lost inside a good period of your life.

More out takes from a creative, simple as follows: Drawing model. Floor as my palette. off charcoal all over my wrists and hands and nose in public washroom. Drawing model (yup, different pose).

Personal Collection: creative sputters

Some have a need for Whiskey. Or cigarettes. I have a need to smear charcoal with my fingers. My fingers (and side of palm) turn jet black. Sometimes, portraits come out of random parts of my creative spirit. Like this one I named "Edgar." 

Personal Collection. Night by the fire with hot tea (and puppy trying to steal my tea bag). "Edgar." Charcoal drawing. 2015

Personal Collection. Night by the fire with hot tea (and puppy trying to steal my tea bag). "Edgar." Charcoal drawing. 2015

the 20-minute pose


The 20-minute pose: most fellow artists around me are perfecting their one 20-minute pose portrait. I am trying many attempts with different styles and methods: erasing, scribbling, scratching, and writing (dialoguing with my sketchbook about why something does or does not work). I thought of this as the radioactive portrait where pieces of her are under a spell of epic light. I'm pretty sure I left with charcoal on my face. Good messy art day, followed with some weight training with the man.

sketch of life, 4 (the meadow)

Most mornings, for hours, now, I spend running or walking our new dog. No headphones. Clean air. Purity of moments. I suppose 2015 goals should be coming along in my head....have a few for life, training, creativity, and work. For now, each day, I look forward to finding this light and hearing the wind, as it always has an answer for something.


Morning run in the winter light: the landscape became a black and white version of itself. As a devotee of studying and admiring documentary photography greats--Frank, Friendlander, Mark, Winogrand, Brandt, Bresson, Sander, Salgado, Evans, White--it's a rarity now when the color drains from the world and I get to see again in light/dark tones...I forget to "look" like this as I did so many years ago, when I shot film. It's an Instagram world now...can't stop progress, but I can get nostalgic about film days when I run and see light like this....

Inking Things Past + Finding Liquid Sounds

A gift from the Renaissance man, my father-in-law....he knows my artistic side. He gives me little gems. Like the vintage anthology of Love Letters I keep and read in my studio as well. 

Snow dump. Studio play. A few shots of a little graphic narrative I've been producing on and off since Spring 2014. I sketched most of it last March-April. Left it. Hid it. And now inking it upon my return into winter. 

Here are two things worth listening to, if you need some audio noise in your work-life. Cooking. Running. Working. Writing. Sketching.Cleaning. However. Wherever.

Spend your time doing things that make you forget time exists...this is a sign of your life's true passion.


TED Talks on Creativity

Consider musical artists VOYAGEUR, LAU3, Jaccoo.....found in the rounds of AirWaveTV, like this contemplative song, Jacoo "A Word of Peace"


Inking page with lap puppy. So tiny. So cute. My wrist.