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Randoms Dispatch: travel hair

Travelers have their ways. Some fellows are Jack-and-Coke on repeat. Others order ginger ale (I order it, however, I never drink it in "real life"), as it's more like a hallmark beverage to journeying. Others eat smashed deli sandwiches from their carry-ons. Some watch downloaded movies. Some apply and reapply cosmetics. Time-efficient souls maneuver spreadsheets and riffle-shuffle 1,202 unopened emails as well as seven desktop icons, while juggling small-boxed crackers from the lap region.

I used to loath flying. Got me all anxious from being confined. Now, I look at it as an opportunity to spy on people. It’s the best still-life drawing class. I observe their behavior and how they "live" in their bodies.  Know what else is fun about traveling--seeing people's hair at all hours of un/rest. The balding folks make the journey look effortless: you win. For this comic a particular hairstyle took root....

Randoms Dispatch: Travel Hair

Randoms Dispatch: Travel Hair

Call to Action:

appreciate someone (even a pet!) in your life for something really small. Call it into your awareness. Hold it there. Carry on. Use it to soften your rushed day. 

Thanks for getting real, today…..

pruning your story (for clarity?)

Remember your first career dream? Or maybe you're still having them, working on them, making them up as you go? I remember taking these photographs and finding a storyline--completely opposite worlds--and wondering what the woman in Griffith Park (Los Angeles) with the large tatt wanted for her life compared to what these two little girls were saying mid-conversation with a fence in between them. (Note: As sad as it sounds, this is how I spend some of my a creative nerd.)

I tutor kids/teens and ask them to look for inspiration in all the weird, hidden, and random parts and pieces of their life and the world. Inspiration brings forward a happy self. I like this collection of Psychology Today articles on "psychological spring cleaning." Happy cleaning!

Send a comment or note if you have a happy self cleaning method to share....