Brand Ambassador

The new issue of Backpacker arrived. Post Thanksgiving glut and rush, I had a chance to sit down after the gym to crack its cover. In the Trailhead section the magazine has a casting call for Brand Ambassadors for Backpacker. Holy awesome. I read the guidelines. It's for the ultimate vagabond, which I am not right now. If anyone has time to travel and become a spokesperson, this might be the job for you! Check it out....

One person's adventure is another person's lazy afternoon.....

flashback: a banter on temperature

He builds a fire. We're in the high wilderness. Haven't seen anybody. Sun is almost down.
"It's going to get cold tonight, uh?" I say.
We're at 10,000 feet.
"Aren't you cold?" I ask him.
Him: wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt standing on one side of the fire.
Me: wearing layers, hands deep in my pockets, and standing on the other side of the fire.
"I'm tired of you being cold," he says.
"I'm tired of you being hot," I say.
We both look in silence at each other. Smile.

To my surprise: he heated up this rock + stuck it into my mummy bag for a good night's sleep of warmth. Awesome hot rock therapy!