blocking out

the light passenger

Each day I find the "sounds of silence." I met a few 10-day silent meditation folks at a party earlier this summer. One guy was heading to India to study with a master for a 45-day silent meditaton retreat. Wow, what a spirtual slacker I felt like. Meditation is not a competition, but it does bring up the ability to silence your mind with vigilance and intention/attention.

Laundry and folding can be considered a form of mediation right? And crepe making? I hope. At least I'm sticking to that as methods of becoming a passenger of light....when life's ordinary duties get in the way.

Two moments of passing into light while sitting still: 

Inkblot Friday, No. 1

Long hair twisted/unraveled/carrying on about it's weight down a back/hair has expectations to be about something, someone, how we identify roles and genders and status. The same expectations happen when we leave out words, or block them out. So goes my exploration of having something in the picture and blocking it out. What is behind the black dot would change the message. It's like the act of double-speak I hear all to often.

mixed media in journal/ doodling as a thinking technique...hurrah