city life

the shoe gaze sounds

Whatever happened to the '90s Austin band, 7 Percent Solution? Whenever I hear its song, "All About Satellites and Spaceships, I long for days past, for some reason. It makes me nostalgic for the younger version of my children and their first discoveries in the natural world. 

Send me a note about what music makes you stare at your shoes, and I mean that in a good way....


I came across this out take from a project of years past. This self-portrait made me smile as this  was pre-pre Instagram days, before the word "selfie" existed in the cultural lexicon. Change. Progress. Can't stop it.

It's You It's Me, A Weekend Mash

Mountain time, island time, city music conjures up a good time in just about any room. So, here is a live show feed from Kaskade in San Diego (the It's You It's Me Redux) earlier this month. Seventeen minutes in rallies my heart. It really pumps old school around minute 47. Enjoy his beats. 

This photograph reminds me of the audio tracking beat profile in GarageBand, whenever I've mixed audio samples. If you go to Kasade's link (see above) you can see what I mean when you click on his latest music sample. However, this shot was taken last weekend at an outhouse along the coast. Poetry everywhere I tell ya.

Have a nice weekend of leisure and service to someone who needs it...and that person just might be you.


inkblot friday: no 2. seeing what you don't see

 I remember standing in R Lounge, Studio City, one night with my friends. One was getting lit and talking about her cheating husband and how it was okay to cheat back to get back. The energy of the conversation, the loud music, my aching feet—dammit high heels are not comfortable—was getting to my head. In and out of the night, my mind kept going to a different place, Moab (and the world's largest rope swing), a place I wanted to return.  There I was bantering about relationships, while thinking of red rock in a dark bar in a bullshit dress. So goes the idea that what you see is NOT what you get. Happy Inkblot Friday, people of the world.

P.S. I don't own this dress. Olivia Newton John might have though.