coffee in the eye


Happy June, folks. Thought I'd drop a new little secret on noise I found thanks to the article on the New York Times this morning. It's the background noise of a coffee shop that sharpens the creative mind and focuses your attention. That's right! It's Coffitivity.

Bring the clanking of metal spoons to saucers, hear the whirl of espresso makers, and the chatter of strangers. It's the perfect instant atmosphere without paying $3.25 for a small coffee. (At home, I can make 10 cups of coffee for approximately $1.25, including the almond milk for lattes. Coffee shops never carry almond milk anyway, at least in my Southern California experiences.) I can bring the urban hipster love to the woods now. Check it!

don't mess with spring

Happy Spring Equinox, the day of new beginnings, the life cycle beings for one for all. Avoid trimming tress in the spring, so you don't harm those sweet nests far up brimming with little new lives. 

A.M.: I woke to this at the kitchen a shot of coffee in the eye (see Exhibit A photo, the first one). A sunrise while it rained at the same time. Followed by midnight-blue-gray clouds that bent down the entire mountain range and gave us a rainbow.

On one side of the road came the storm. On the other side of the road blasted the sun. Me in the middle. Pagan rituals embrace Spring Equinox as the season of equal light and dark. Fitting. We all have light and dark inside to harmonize us. Without dark, there is no light. Without light, there is no dark. Pretty great way to start a new season....

Plus, I found the graphic novel section at the library. David Small's memoir Stitches is first up....