fire pit

open burn

The ground was still saturated from the melted snow. No wind.

It's burn time, he said in the morning, which jolted me out of writing mode at the kitchen table. I'll be there, let me change, I said.

On went the torn jeans and other old clothes and beanie. He brought the lighter. I gathered the pitch forks and metal rakes. We groomed the site first, a near crop circle of natural elements: rocks and tree stumps from around the property. We started the pile small. Got the fire going good, then piled it up in the name of a controlled burn....and I meditated and watched the open burn for four hours.

We missed lunch. Ate scraps of leftovers for a lunch/dinner at 4, followed that with a hike before the sunset. The cold night set in, fire came on inside, and he turned on the Everest Mt Climbing show to which I fell asleep at lord knows what time. All the cold air makes me sleepy at the day's end in front of another goes cabin living.