food essentials

now it's becoming something....

The football games were on in the background. They are noise in the house when autumn hits. And I read this article about how when you find your true center you have ample energy. Some exciting stuff is brewing in my life, which is why I woke up energized and ready to paint at three o'clock in the morning. So I got up, made breakfast, and started in on this little illustration mixed media piece. The sun eventually came up. And then I had my second breakfast, which I think was lunch at eight o'clock in the morning. If you live with a creative person, I am sorry. Sometimes we make noise at odd hours.

mixed media, 3am in a full mood to doodle + create

Refrigerator Basics of Being in a Borrowed Place

Driving into town, past the osprey nests and the vulture spirit, there's nobody on the two-lane highway. I know at least one famous climber lives in this speck of a mountain town. At the Market & Cafe, anglers swarm the place in post-fishing moxie. A large stock of whiskey and beer in the center aisle. It is as big as the apple section in my old market. I love it here, though. Essentials are all I came for. Welcome to the refrigerator.