inkblot Friday

inkblot friday: no 2. seeing what you don't see

 I remember standing in R Lounge, Studio City, one night with my friends. One was getting lit and talking about her cheating husband and how it was okay to cheat back to get back. The energy of the conversation, the loud music, my aching feet—dammit high heels are not comfortable—was getting to my head. In and out of the night, my mind kept going to a different place, Moab (and the world's largest rope swing), a place I wanted to return.  There I was bantering about relationships, while thinking of red rock in a dark bar in a bullshit dress. So goes the idea that what you see is NOT what you get. Happy Inkblot Friday, people of the world.

P.S. I don't own this dress. Olivia Newton John might have though.

Inkblot Friday, No. 1

Long hair twisted/unraveled/carrying on about it's weight down a back/hair has expectations to be about something, someone, how we identify roles and genders and status. The same expectations happen when we leave out words, or block them out. So goes my exploration of having something in the picture and blocking it out. What is behind the black dot would change the message. It's like the act of double-speak I hear all to often.

mixed media in journal/ doodling as a thinking technique...hurrah