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Juhea Kim, a Princeton graduate and former Random House editor, is the co-founder of the 100% vegan lifestyle network, Peaceful Dumpling. I'm excited to announce that I am a contributor to the PD mission, platform, and content. Find my latest personal essay and photo essay, Sweet Silence - A Story of Finding Stillness, at PD. As the creative train goes, I have more in the works. Keep stretching yoga style, pound out the cardio mix, listen to the wind, drink green tea, and eat your antioxidiants, folks. Namaste. 

The Off Season. Tricia Louvar

The Off Season. Tricia Louvar

It's You It's Me, A Weekend Mash

Mountain time, island time, city music conjures up a good time in just about any room. So, here is a live show feed from Kaskade in San Diego (the It's You It's Me Redux) earlier this month. Seventeen minutes in rallies my heart. It really pumps old school around minute 47. Enjoy his beats. 

This photograph reminds me of the audio tracking beat profile in GarageBand, whenever I've mixed audio samples. If you go to Kasade's link (see above) you can see what I mean when you click on his latest music sample. However, this shot was taken last weekend at an outhouse along the coast. Poetry everywhere I tell ya.

Have a nice weekend of leisure and service to someone who needs it...and that person just might be you.


self-hypnosis in soft corduroy dress

Yesterday I stalked a black butterfly into the forest. It was the first one I'd seen on the property since spring arrived. Show me the way, Mr. Fluttery Goodness. You cannot be in a bad mood if you're watching a butterfly, ever noticed that? More butterfly watching for the world, I would say if I were a therapist. Go find a butterfly while sipping a simple cup of coffee. Simple, remember. Have a chill weekend, folks, and let a bug live that you might have smashed otherwise.