new vintage photograph

scraps, leftovers, remains: the creative mind

Here are some creative experimental sketches. One pose, one pen, I call it (left). One pen, curved or straight line (right). And then an interpretation of negative space (bottom). 

Rendered in the AM. Woke to this article. Inspire. Be inspired. Do.

I remember old college days of darkroom photography when a lightbox was a lifeblood to shooting "Chrome" (and that is not a Google reference). Now the light box is broken (this one in the middle image), left in the back of a theater, and uncovered. I still have a relic like this in my studio. My daughter likes to turn off the lights, turn it on, and look at my old slides on it. The reversal film DOES look like little jewels against the box. (Sigh: the old days of analog photography.....)

new vintage, no. 1

The Basics of a Day: 

Morning--coffee, fruit blend, + mixed media blend of paint + vintage found photograph in studio hut

Afternoon--lunch, back in studio hut to begin new writing project, coffee run, walk with coffee in town, back home for snack, more writing continues....

Dinner--yet to be decided

Therefore, pretty rad day. Books reading:

John Taylor's "In the Pleasure Groove" (guilty read) & Annie Dillard "The Writing Life" (great to open up and revisit random passages)