the clarity of non-essentials

A few days back I travelled deep into the forest to hang out with some locals who spend a lot of time in Nepal and practice Buddhism ethics. Some help run orphanages in Nepal. Others run village libraries. Some deliver stretchers to villagers and climbers on Mount Everest. The chef at the party had cooked for base camp at Everest. She rocked out the Nepalian spices and vats of delish vegetarian and vegan options.  

Upon leaving I took this image, handheld of the party's house at peace. The inside glow, the outside glow, it all flowed.

Each day I take on one more mantra of living the Buddhist way. This time, it's about the clarity that rises when you shed all non-essentials. I spent Sunday only doing what was essential. And a whole realm of creativity and lightness opened up, which had been clogged from non-essentials. Awareness: that's where it's at in all aspects of life and love and peace.