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Collage of Inspiration, Friday edition

Looking back over the week, here are some things that inspired me. And perhaps you too get inspired by angles, light, color....small quiet moments? Among the photographs I captured, here are some other media greats I want share....

Sally Mann's Exposure (New York Times), enjoy this article and excerpt from her forthcoming Hold Still: A Memoir With Photographs. It's so exciting to hear Mann talk about her extraordinary work from 20 years ago. I poured over her images and books throughout the years. To "hear" her voice in prose, rather than photography is another new intimacy.

Tritonal's "Satellite." Just a good spring song, with the car windows down and snow covered mountains shine bright against the panoramic clear sky. I'm a sucker for Austin (Texas) ambient and progressive trance groups....

Stay Still, Stay Silent. Leave it to the cool artistry of a Finnish-Swedish woman to transform webcomics to a new level. Amazing work she has online. This inspiration comes from a teenager I mentor, as we discussed her narrative arch/character development on her own webcomic. She's really pushing the boundaries. Exciting to see her develop....

Click on each photo for a little narrative....

Have a great weekend....get outside.

the shoe gaze sounds

Whatever happened to the '90s Austin band, 7 Percent Solution? Whenever I hear its song, "All About Satellites and Spaceships, I long for days past, for some reason. It makes me nostalgic for the younger version of my children and their first discoveries in the natural world. 

Send me a note about what music makes you stare at your shoes, and I mean that in a good way....


I came across this out take from a project of years past. This self-portrait made me smile as this  was pre-pre Instagram days, before the word "selfie" existed in the cultural lexicon. Change. Progress. Can't stop it.

Personal Collection: creative sputters

Some have a need for Whiskey. Or cigarettes. I have a need to smear charcoal with my fingers. My fingers (and side of palm) turn jet black. Sometimes, portraits come out of random parts of my creative spirit. Like this one I named "Edgar." 

Personal Collection. Night by the fire with hot tea (and puppy trying to steal my tea bag). "Edgar." Charcoal drawing. 2015

Personal Collection. Night by the fire with hot tea (and puppy trying to steal my tea bag). "Edgar." Charcoal drawing. 2015