Collage of Inspiration, Friday Edition (wk 2)

Another fast week down. More good inspirational "stuff" I picked up, as if the world were a flea market of creativity (at least in my eyes). Here are some goodies I will introduce, pass along, share, etc.

Wayne Lawrence. This Brooklyn-based photography is the sh&t in his documentary style, in the subjects he selects, in his framing, in his lighting, in his absolute control of the frame. His direct and centered aesthetic reminds me of Diane Arbus or Walker Evans. His work focuses on marginalized communities, often forgotten or passed by the mainstream media. Kudos to Mr. Lawrence for showcasing the beautiful people in Orchard Beach: The Bronx Riviera. I love the power of the gaze in each of this subjects to the camera.

Ghost Loft. Leave it to SoundCloud to introduce me to new sounds, vibes of the Los Angeles-based musician/remixer. Enter Ghost Loft's "So High." I completed much inking to this song over the past days....

Seed-to-Table Programs. The seed-to-table school programs allow local farmers to include school-age children in the process of farming food that goes onto their table in the lunchroom. Today I was lucky enough to follow along and witness a program in action. I learned about the compost toilet, the amount of heat horse manure produces, how to layer compost, how to use a wide-edged soil fork. The group of environmental twenty-somethings were genuinely engaged and excited to share their passion for organic farming and vegetable making. 

Below are the photos/illustrations from the on an image to start the brief photo essay with little narratives. 

Have a great weekend. Please send me a comment or note about what inspired you this past week.....

Collage of Inspiration, Friday edition

Looking back over the week, here are some things that inspired me. And perhaps you too get inspired by angles, light, color....small quiet moments? Among the photographs I captured, here are some other media greats I want share....

Sally Mann's Exposure (New York Times), enjoy this article and excerpt from her forthcoming Hold Still: A Memoir With Photographs. It's so exciting to hear Mann talk about her extraordinary work from 20 years ago. I poured over her images and books throughout the years. To "hear" her voice in prose, rather than photography is another new intimacy.

Tritonal's "Satellite." Just a good spring song, with the car windows down and snow covered mountains shine bright against the panoramic clear sky. I'm a sucker for Austin (Texas) ambient and progressive trance groups....

Stay Still, Stay Silent. Leave it to the cool artistry of a Finnish-Swedish woman to transform webcomics to a new level. Amazing work she has online. This inspiration comes from a teenager I mentor, as we discussed her narrative arch/character development on her own webcomic. She's really pushing the boundaries. Exciting to see her develop....

Click on each photo for a little narrative....

Have a great weekend....get outside.

new project

There's something in the works....and it begins with two stanzas from a William Stafford poem (which will  be revealed later). Little did I know his words would set the tone for what was to come....

Here I am reading William Stafford's poetry collection with a delicious chai tea latte (with lots of cinnamon). Crack of dawn, perched from my kitchen's barstool. Taking notes, plotting moves, looking through rough cuts and stills....and writing words. Overall, a great way to start a day.....

Here I am reading William Stafford's poetry collection with a delicious chai tea latte (with lots of cinnamon). Crack of dawn, perched from my kitchen's barstool. Taking notes, plotting moves, looking through rough cuts and stills....and writing words. Overall, a great way to start a day.....

Illustration Friday: vanity

In Los Angeles, I used to come home to a front stoop with a few random trash bags of my girlfriend's things. Baby toys, baby clothes, books, forks. Her note read: Whatever you don't want, please drop off at Goodwill. See what happens when I'm not home to give the thumbs up or down on hand-me-downs. But in her pile of stuff, she had left books. In the mix was Irving Penn, a retrospective coffee table book she had picked up at Moderna Museet Stockholm. I called her. 

"How can you get rid of Penn? Are you suicidal? You're exhibiting suicidal tenancies by giving away your prized positions."

She said she was not. I believed her. She was on a cleanse rampage, and lived in a small house with three boys. 

She and I studied darkroom photography in college; both of us admired the documentary greats. We bonded over this, yoga, cocktails, and raising toddlers.

I still keep PENN on my sofa end table, because it's a great one to admire and study no matter the time of light. So, today, I unearth my illustration inspired by Penn's portrait of Max Ernest and Dorothea Tanning. Here's to another Illustration Age's Illustration Friday. This one is categorized under Mixed Media (medium) and Comic Book (style). Here it is live.

Dorothea Tanning Drinks Paint and Poetry to Be Eternal . Mixed media.

Dorothea Tanning Drinks Paint and Poetry to Be Eternal. Mixed media.

the wild: two instances of a light study

hiking among snow patches and soggy forest. cashews and raw vegetables for fuel. a good time.

I realize this has become an Instagram world. But these images are not fuzzy or filtered with technology other than me learning how to push and pull the Smart phone aperture (I remember such experiments from the darkroom days of mine).

Light does its own job. Consider these images as selfies in a James Franco world. Doesn't Mr. Franco know every image you take is a selfie--"person" present in the frame or not. Each frame is a reflection of the maker. 

red light/no vacancy. loved the light post training session as seen from the driver's seat. another, yes, good time, but sweaty smelly.

the light passenger

Each day I find the "sounds of silence." I met a few 10-day silent meditation folks at a party earlier this summer. One guy was heading to India to study with a master for a 45-day silent meditaton retreat. Wow, what a spirtual slacker I felt like. Meditation is not a competition, but it does bring up the ability to silence your mind with vigilance and intention/attention.

Laundry and folding can be considered a form of mediation right? And crepe making? I hope. At least I'm sticking to that as methods of becoming a passenger of light....when life's ordinary duties get in the way.

Two moments of passing into light while sitting still: