the 20-minute pose


The 20-minute pose: most fellow artists around me are perfecting their one 20-minute pose portrait. I am trying many attempts with different styles and methods: erasing, scribbling, scratching, and writing (dialoguing with my sketchbook about why something does or does not work). I thought of this as the radioactive portrait where pieces of her are under a spell of epic light. I'm pretty sure I left with charcoal on my face. Good messy art day, followed with some weight training with the man.

sketch of life, 4 (the meadow)

Most mornings, for hours, now, I spend running or walking our new dog. No headphones. Clean air. Purity of moments. I suppose 2015 goals should be coming along in my head....have a few for life, training, creativity, and work. For now, each day, I look forward to finding this light and hearing the wind, as it always has an answer for something.


Morning run in the winter light: the landscape became a black and white version of itself. As a devotee of studying and admiring documentary photography greats--Frank, Friendlander, Mark, Winogrand, Brandt, Bresson, Sander, Salgado, Evans, White--it's a rarity now when the color drains from the world and I get to see again in light/dark tones...I forget to "look" like this as I did so many years ago, when I shot film. It's an Instagram world now...can't stop progress, but I can get nostalgic about film days when I run and see light like this....

Minimalist Poet: The Treat of Random Finds

This past summer at Three Creek Lake, while I read a book in a canted position from a portable chair, a large man approached me. He had long sideburn chops, a belly that hung over his rodeo belt buckle, and two handguns strapped to his chest in a holster. He had come out of the Three Sisters Wilderness in the Cascade Mountain Range.

"I'm surprised you aren't reading a Kindle!" he said with a toothy smile.

"I'm no Luddite," I said. "I just prefer roaming the aisles of a library to see what I can find. I don't get that same feeling on Amazon, if you know what I mean."

"I do! I do!"

This strapped stranger and I talked for 20 minutes about books, about his life working the Barrow, Alaska pipeline (he was on his 10-day hiatus from work), and the woman he waited 20 years to catch and marry. The man was a short story in the flesh. I lived this man, this character from being in the world, rather than staying holed up in my studio and thinking up stuff. It was a genuine moment of authenticity. I appreciated him for being strange, vulnerable, and present. This man reminds me to get back to the creative version in me that I hide away during training, volleyball season, and long runs. Winter is coming, which means it's time to buckle down, resort to a warm little room of creativity, and drum up or polish off old projects I left for good weather, a mountain bike, and trainers.

Below is a gallery for you to flip through. Click and flip! Maybe it will bubble up something in you, too.....

This little gallery comes from a rare, free Friday afternoon, when I put up my feet and started to read little library finds: David Lynch's "Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity" and "The Art Spirit" by Robert Henri.

Strange coincidence: wouldn't you know that David Lynch credits this Henri book he read as a high school senior and how it became an influential piece to becoming a painter, then filmmaker. I found these two books independent of each other at the library....I MUST(!) be onto something creatively....awesome synchronicity. Digging back into poetry and film feels good again....

the lioness in marsh

We found a creek, which probably becomes a river in rainy season and when the glaciers melt. The ground leading to it was so spongey from the wild turkeys' scratch marks. Mr. Dog laid down as if the long dead grass was his bed. On the hike back Mr. Guy said, "That was a complete waste of time."

I smiled at his double entrende...we were both wasting time after lunch before resuming work. An afternoon spent in the wilderness once again. Looking forward to a chill weekend....