Sketch of Life, 3

Here is a collaboration between my daughter and me, while we sat in the cabin and worked on miscellaneous art projects. This was after I inked parts of my hair aqua blue unknowingly from a broken pen. My face was splattered with ink. She laughed.

"It's even up my nose!" I said when I looked in the mirror. We were in the creative "zone."

collaboration in effect. daughter has studied my book on rothko in front of the fireplace on a cold day. she has to figure out what he was trying to say; she has to figure out for herself how color and the force of a brush stroke equate a "voice."

Inking Things Past + Finding Liquid Sounds

A gift from the Renaissance man, my father-in-law....he knows my artistic side. He gives me little gems. Like the vintage anthology of Love Letters I keep and read in my studio as well. 

Snow dump. Studio play. A few shots of a little graphic narrative I've been producing on and off since Spring 2014. I sketched most of it last March-April. Left it. Hid it. And now inking it upon my return into winter. 

Here are two things worth listening to, if you need some audio noise in your work-life. Cooking. Running. Working. Writing. Sketching.Cleaning. However. Wherever.

Spend your time doing things that make you forget time exists...this is a sign of your life's true passion.


TED Talks on Creativity

Consider musical artists VOYAGEUR, LAU3, Jaccoo.....found in the rounds of AirWaveTV, like this contemplative song, Jacoo "A Word of Peace"


Inking page with lap puppy. So tiny. So cute. My wrist.

Minimalist Marathon: How To Avoid Your Inner Weakling

Somewhere near mile 6 in the marathon, I saw a fan with my favorite sign: Toenails are for sissies. A blister the size of a wasp nest developed on my big toe sometime during the race; I did not know I had it until I showered my sweat-encrusted self. Two toenails were black as the night. I could feel one of them flipping up as I ran in training and near the end 26.2. 

Endurance athletes lose toenails. Avoid peephole high heels on date night for a while. I guess? Avoid hitting the pedicure salon to freak out the nail technician. Get over the idea of having "normal" feet. Be proud they chase pavement. Be blessed they still work.

After interval training on my mountain bike on the incline, this is my scene at the bottom of the climb. At the bottom, the horse and I stared at each other.

After interval training on my mountain bike on the incline, this is my scene at the bottom of the climb. At the bottom, the horse and I stared at each other.

Three weeks later and my toenails are still black, the wasp nest-like blister bursted on its own, and the training (for what, I don't know yet) has started back slowly. Cross training on a mountain bike, aqua running, playing volleyball, strength training, yoga, and running/biking incline intervals all eat up my active daily life. Running miles in Zen mode feels like a vacation, now.

Going into winter I am excited to try mountain biking in snow, cross country skiing, and maybe some downhill, in addition to hot yoga, aerial skills, and the usual cross training methods and whatever else I can pick up to diversify the fitness plan.  

How do you plan on hitting your stride when the cold comes...?

don't mess with spring

Happy Spring Equinox, the day of new beginnings, the life cycle beings for one for all. Avoid trimming tress in the spring, so you don't harm those sweet nests far up brimming with little new lives. 

A.M.: I woke to this at the kitchen a shot of coffee in the eye (see Exhibit A photo, the first one). A sunrise while it rained at the same time. Followed by midnight-blue-gray clouds that bent down the entire mountain range and gave us a rainbow.

On one side of the road came the storm. On the other side of the road blasted the sun. Me in the middle. Pagan rituals embrace Spring Equinox as the season of equal light and dark. Fitting. We all have light and dark inside to harmonize us. Without dark, there is no light. Without light, there is no dark. Pretty great way to start a new season....

Plus, I found the graphic novel section at the library. David Small's memoir Stitches is first up....