simple living

Inking Things Past + Finding Liquid Sounds

A gift from the Renaissance man, my father-in-law....he knows my artistic side. He gives me little gems. Like the vintage anthology of Love Letters I keep and read in my studio as well. 

Snow dump. Studio play. A few shots of a little graphic narrative I've been producing on and off since Spring 2014. I sketched most of it last March-April. Left it. Hid it. And now inking it upon my return into winter. 

Here are two things worth listening to, if you need some audio noise in your work-life. Cooking. Running. Working. Writing. Sketching.Cleaning. However. Wherever.

Spend your time doing things that make you forget time exists...this is a sign of your life's true passion.


TED Talks on Creativity

Consider musical artists VOYAGEUR, LAU3, Jaccoo.....found in the rounds of AirWaveTV, like this contemplative song, Jacoo "A Word of Peace"


Inking page with lap puppy. So tiny. So cute. My wrist.

fly little pegasus, fly

Random parts of inspiration on a free day with the family....

-  Visited the comic book and graphic novel store: browsed umpteen titles. Looking forward to reading the American Widow and The Long Chalkboard from loaners at the library.

- Noshed on some paleo, gluten-free pizza with the pleasant conversationalists (i.e., we discussed summer vacation plans and trip ideas) 

Sweet little lit up  menu on the wall! Three minutes later the place was packed. It's good to sit and eat pizza/salad lunch. A small joy.

Sweet little lit up  menu on the wall! Three minutes later the place was packed. It's good to sit and eat pizza/salad lunch. A small joy.

- Let me not forget the inspiration of a green-hued painted woodwork with candy apple red napkin dispenser...right there....

Love the simplicity and striking casual style of this visual presentation.

Love the simplicity and striking casual style of this visual presentation.

It's You It's Me, A Weekend Mash

Mountain time, island time, city music conjures up a good time in just about any room. So, here is a live show feed from Kaskade in San Diego (the It's You It's Me Redux) earlier this month. Seventeen minutes in rallies my heart. It really pumps old school around minute 47. Enjoy his beats. 

This photograph reminds me of the audio tracking beat profile in GarageBand, whenever I've mixed audio samples. If you go to Kasade's link (see above) you can see what I mean when you click on his latest music sample. However, this shot was taken last weekend at an outhouse along the coast. Poetry everywhere I tell ya.

Have a nice weekend of leisure and service to someone who needs it...and that person just might be you.


the southern hemisphere, and island time

Mountain time. City time. Island time. I'm mixing it up, feeling life's differences based on landscape and air temperature. Mobile work, mobile life. Still simple stuff: pack light, drink a little rum punch, eat first generation many books. Chat with locals. And embrace old and new friends.

One morning I watched a coconut hit the shore, tumble like it was an oversized apple in a busy crowd. Water was its life course. For purpose and pleasure, I found this site (Finer Minds) that I hit when I resort to online time. (I only allow myself 30 minutes a day of "non work" online time; otherwise, I'm in the "world." Or reading a series of books to devour.) 

Namaste, and get out there.... 


absorption of limitless space

The weekend library visit prompts much deliberation each day I devote to reading prose, poetry, philosophy. Here is an excerpt from one book that engages me.   

“One will again suffer, grow old, and die. Thus for Buddhists the final goal should be a supramundane path, one that leads out of cyclical existence altogether and which results in either state of Buddhahood or at least the more limited nirvana of an arhat or solitary realizer.”

Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, John Powers

Here are some images from my mundane world…which is close to earthbound nirvana for me. A random sample from living a simple life:


the art of learning

Yesterday a Swiss man who sounded like Gerard Butler came to the cabin. A former forestry worker, now a log cabin maker, he told us about our place and about an infected log in need of preservation. I asked about the man who built it. He said he was a calm man, a Buddhist, and still around.
     Mr. Guy who resembles an ATF vested agent on the back of a Humvee smiled next to me and said softly, "That explains a lot." He knows how drawn I have became to our homestead, as it leapt out of nowhere from the map. All along I have told him it is part of our dharma. He rolls his eyes at me most of the time. 
     This morning, with hot tea in hand, heading to the studio hut, I saw the light, the tree, the long grasses I've been cutting and tending. And this is why we live here. Simple images, as this. Surprises with each step. Shall I mention the bird calls? Too pathetic, sentimental? Perhaps, but glorious winged creatures they are.
     Before digging back into work, I read parts of Tricycle Magazine. Here is an excerpt from a semester ending speech from Seido Ray Ronci, monk/professor at University of Missouri. What can you glean? For me: a continuation of everything. 
"Socrates said that the unexamined life isn’t worth living. It was true then and it’s true now. Ideally, an education is to help you live a fully examined life. You learn the important questions to ask. You learn how to seek for the answers to those important questions. And when you find the answers, you learn how to make sense of them. But you never can stop asking questions. There is one question of many parts that is the most important question of all: who am I; who was I before I was born; what happens when I die? This is the ultimate question that all human beings are confronted with, and that wise human beings have always aspired to answer. Until you understand that—what most people never do—there are many, many questions to ask. Education teaches you not just how to ask questions but also what questions to ask. The more you learn, of anything, the more questions you will have. In short, a good education teaches you how to learn for the rest of your life."
     Here is the article in its entirety. Have a good weekend. And examine your truth....namaste.

after the taking

I couldn't concentrate on work, even with a looming deadline. There was an edge in the air for some reason. The studio window kept yearning for me to look out of it. The surprise snowstorm struck hard and captured my attention. All the spring color was now turning white with blankets. I grabbed my camera and took a walk in the mountains, just as a small timeout.

Here is what I found (see, right there). Call it peace and beauty. Even the drop of snowflakes was loud in my quiet space.

When I returned to my studio, the news popped up: Boston Marathon had been bombed.

The give and take of life...the quiet and then the real quiet. It was so surreal to know that intense peace I felt while taking this image happened at the same time as people were being maimed and killed. There are many angles to quiet and reflection. Here is the passing of energies and vibrations from peace to chaos, to sadness and grief, to rest and hope. 

Weekend Filmstrip


A recap of simple living: 

Figure 1. Pancake making light. Flax seeds, blueberries, and chocolate chip rich. Believe in antioxidants at all meals.

Figure 2. Woodsman in Flu. Coated him with flu meds, 7-Up, Saltine crackers, four blankets, one standby vomit bucket. 

Figure 3. Hearts in PM. Tis the season of love. So homemade paper hearts on the wall are a must.

Figure 4. Boots in crisp air for bakery delight and coffee. (Okay, this was taken last week, which felt like a weekend day. It's goin' into the weekend file, because I say what.)