weekend filmstrip

It's You It's Me, A Weekend Mash

Mountain time, island time, city time...dance music conjures up a good time in just about any room. So, here is a live show feed from Kaskade in San Diego (the It's You It's Me Redux) earlier this month. Seventeen minutes in rallies my heart. It really pumps old school around minute 47. Enjoy his beats. 

This photograph reminds me of the audio tracking beat profile in GarageBand, whenever I've mixed audio samples. If you go to Kasade's link (see above) you can see what I mean when you click on his latest music sample. However, this shot was taken last weekend at an outhouse along the coast. Poetry everywhere I tell ya.

Have a nice weekend of leisure and service to someone who needs it...and that person just might be you.


Weekend Filmstrip


A recap of simple living: 

Figure 1. Pancake making light. Flax seeds, blueberries, and chocolate chip rich. Believe in antioxidants at all meals.

Figure 2. Woodsman in Flu. Coated him with flu meds, 7-Up, Saltine crackers, four blankets, one standby vomit bucket. 

Figure 3. Hearts in PM. Tis the season of love. So homemade paper hearts on the wall are a must.

Figure 4. Boots in crisp air for bakery delight and coffee. (Okay, this was taken last week, which felt like a weekend day. It's goin' into the weekend file, because I say so....so.....so what.)