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I have worked in publishing for almost 20 years, as a journalist, writer, ghostwriter, visual artist, one-liner wit maverick, book editor, and mentor/coach. I started my own company, Pine Ridge Creative, after leaving the fun post of managing editor at Statehood Media. Now, as the director of creative works and narrative strategies, I pound the pavement for stories, report from the field, interview lots of interesting people and continue to s-l-o-w-l-y complete a hand-rendered graphic novel (all pencil, all ink!). Contact me about work. Link in CONTACT (over there in the sidebar!).


Bedford/St. Martin's, Cengage, Bearface Instructional Technologies, Cherbo Publishing, Corwin Press, Creative Teaching Press, Drummond Publishing, Elsevier, Glencoe, Harcourt, International Executive Resources Group, J.D. Powers and Associates, McGraw-Hill, SAGE Publications (London, UK, and Thousand Oaks, Calif.), Routledge Reference/Taylor and Francis Group, Thomson, Trade Press Services, Wadsworth, Van Brien & Associates, Statehood Media


1859 Oregon's MagazineOnTrak Magazine (Amtrak), Bend Design Conference 2016, "The Best of the Web 2009" (Dzanc Books), "Hanging by Threads" (Midwest Literary Magazine/Quiet Press), American Cinematographer MagazineAnthem JournalBark MagazineBrevity: A Journal of Concise Literary NonfictionBound OffBurner Magazine (Toronto, Canada), BURSTCalyx: A Journal of Art and LiteratureCerise Press, CitySearch, Daily PalettedecomP: a literary magazineDesert NewsThe Hairpin Magazine - Ladies FirstJackson Hole ReviewLiterary MamaLos Angeles TimesMarco Polo Arts MagazineMorning CallNewsdayOrion OnlineOrlando SentinelPeaceful Dumpling - The Vegan NetworkPrick of the SpindleSalt Lake MagazineSmokeLong Quarterly, Superstition ReviewRed Fez, Rockaway Artists Alliance, Routledge Reference/Taylor and Francis Group, Tampa ReviewVagabondish.comVestal ReviewWildlfe Art MagazineWord RiotWorking World Magazine, XCP: StreetnotesZyzzyva

Working on Oregon's craft beer story. Holding an inappropriate, not recommended mason beer drinking jar. 2016. Photograph by Ben McBee. Image copyright by Statehood Media.

Working on Oregon's craft beer story. Holding an inappropriate, not recommended mason beer drinking jar. 2016. Photograph by Ben McBee. Image copyright by Statehood Media.

Tricia Louvar.  photography by Rob Kerr

Tricia Louvar. 

photography by Rob Kerr



tricia.louvar at gmail dot com


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creativity (all natural!)

listening (introvert alert.)

optimism (to a fault?)


form + structure



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The Art of Beef / 1859 Oregon's Magazine

Pollinator Plight / 1859 Oregon's Magazine

Pressing Forward / Orion Magazine


The Luminous, Private World of Christopher Burkett / 1859 Oregon's Magazine

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Chained Up on All Fours / Anthem Journal

Bedtime Encyclopedia / Tampa Review

Floodplain: Episodes of ER Delirium / Prick of the Spindle

Hall of the Sky / Superstition Review


Photography for Oregon's Americana by Tricia Louvar. Copyright held by Statehood Media. All shot on Holga, Velvia film

Oregon's Americana Retold in Film / 1859 Oregon's Magazine

Open Letter to Jenna Lyons / The Hairpin

Brief Transcription of Pantie Chatter / The Hairpin

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Created original photography to accompany each creative nonfiction essays in Brevity, issue 31. Had the pleasure of working with Dinty Moore on this project. Highlight of writers in this issue included  Brenda Miller and Sherman Alexie.

Where Pavement Ends / Cerise Press (France/U.S.)  > Selected as featured artist for issue volume 4, issue 12.

The Wallflower, The Poet, Day 124 / Calyx Press


The Colombian Bird Flap Gesture / Mad Hatter's Review

An Expectant Mother's Motion Parallax / Literary Mama

A Birthday in the Making / Literary Mama


Friend Highball at Bastion Square / Word Riot

Tricia Louvar created this video to accompany her story "Life Vest." The story first appeared in audio form, in Bound Off #48. An hour-long presentation of Bound Off videos was shown at the Printers' Ball ( ) on July 30, 2010 in Chicago. Bound Off is a free monthly literary audio magazine.


Bounty / Smokelong Quarterly (Dzanc Books selected my short story as part of the Best of the Web anthology for literary fiction. Here is an interview with me about the story.)

(sample) PORTFOLIO*

*this is not an exhaustive list of my credited work, but only a sample of my range as a journalist, writer, and creative artist. I keep adding to the list ...